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Why Become a Surrogate Mother?

Choosing to become a surrogate mother is a noble and rewarding decision, one that forever changes lives. Embarking on a surrogacy journey means you are making dreams of parenthood come true.

There are countless families longing for a child, yet they may face insurmountable challenges on their path to parenthood. As a surrogate mother, you provide a helping hand that bridges the gap between their dreams and reality, allowing them to experience the joy and love that come with raising a child.

Our surrogates are rewarded not just emotionally but also through various perks as a token of our appreciation. At Joy of Life®, we ensure that your generosity and dedication are acknowledged, making your surrogacy journey as fulfilling as possible.

Becoming a surrogate mother is about more than carrying a baby. It’s about carrying hope for families, and at Joy of Life®, we’re here to support and celebrate you at every stage of this miraculous journey.

What Is a Surrogate?

A surrogate, often referred to as a surrogate mother, is a woman who voluntarily chooses to carry a pregnancy for someone else who is unable to do so. This decision is driven by an act of compassion and a desire to help others experience the joy of parenthood.

The surrogate mother is not genetically related to the child she carries, as the pregnancy is established through a process known as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), where an embryo from the intended parents (or donors) is implanted in her uterus.

Surrogate mothers embark on a remarkable journey, sharing an intimate connection with the intended parents. They provide a precious gift — the gift of life — to those who dream of growing their families but face challenges in achieving this dream.

Throughout this journey, surrogate mothers navigate the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, all while knowing they’re creating an everlasting bond of love and gratitude with the intended parents. Their role is both pivotal and profoundly generous, making dreams come true for families everywhere.

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About Joy of Life Surrogacy

Our philosophy centers around joy, empathy and life. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the profound joy of parenthood. We approach every surrogacy journey with genuine empathy, understanding the emotional depth of the process for all involved. At Joy of Life®, we celebrate life, honoring the incredible women who help bring new lives into the world and the families they help create.

At Joy of Life® Surrogacy, we don’t just facilitate surrogacies — we foster lifelong connections, create families and celebrate the gift of life together.

Meet a Joy of Life Success Advisor

Follow along with Susan, a Success Advisor, and Andria, one of our surrogates, as they go through Andria’s initial screenings and learn more about being a surrogate with Joy of Life!

At Joy of Life® Surrogacy, we don’t just facilitate surrogacies — we foster lifelong connections, create families and celebrate the gift of life together.

Why Choose Joy of Life?

Professional Clinical Advisors

Our team is composed of professionals who have worked across multiple clinics, thus gaining in-depth knowledge of the surrogacy process. We’ll be there every step of the way to answer any questions and celebrate every milestone with you.

Dedicated Nutritionist & Psychologist

We have partnered with licensed nutritionists and psychologists, ready to offer personalized advice tailored to your unique surrogacy journey.

Support Team

At Joy of Life®, we believe in providing you with the best support. Instead of assigning just one case manager, we set you up with a full team of Success Advisors. Our members collaborate to ensure someone is always available for you.

Surrogate Mothers Choose Intended Parents

We place the power of choice in the surrogate mothers’ hands. Rather than intended parents choosing surrogate mothers, our surrogates get to select their preferred family from the intended parents’ profiles.

Competitive Compensation

We offer one of the highest compensation packages in the industry, along with a range of perks to support our surrogate mothers both emotionally and financially.

Career Opportunities with Joy of Life®

Beyond helping one family, surrogate mothers have the opportunity to join our team and assist hundreds more families in achieving their dreams.

Community-Building Events

At Joy of Life®, we understand the importance of camaraderie and support during this time. We host monthly events to foster strong bonds and share experiences within our growing community. These occasions offer a platform to connect with other surrogate mothers, form lifelong friendships and share your unique stories.

Surrogate Retreats

Once a year, Joy of Life® hosts a retreat exclusively for our surrogate mothers. These retreats may include internal care and share events or reunions between intended parents and their surrogate mothers, fostering lasting bonds.

The Surrogate Mother Process


  1. Complete an Online Application: Begin your journey by filling out our online application.
  2. Interview With Us: Schedule an interview to address any questions and to help us understand your motivations for becoming a surrogate.
  3. Review Intended Parents’ Profiles: Browse through profiles of intended parents to identify a potential match.
  4. Meet With Intended Parents: Meet with potential intended parents to ensure you’re a good match for each other.
  5. Complete a Medical Screening: Receive a thorough medical examination to confirm you’re physically prepared for the surrogacy journey.
  6. Complete a Psychological Evaluation: Participate in a psychological assessment to ensure you’re mentally ready for the surrogacy process.
  7. Contract Review With Your Attorney: Go over the legal agreement with your attorney to fully understand your rights and obligations.
  8. Contract Signing/Notarizing: Finalize your commitment by signing and notarizing the surrogacy contract.

Transfer Cycle With IVF Clinic

  1. Start Building Uterus Lining: Begin prescribed medication to prepare your uterus for the embryo transfer.
  2. Embryo Transfer: The intended parents’ embryo is transferred to your uterus.
  3. HCG Test: Undertake a blood test to confirm pregnancy by measuring Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) levels.
  4. Heartbeat Ultrasound: Validate the pregnancy through an ultrasound to detect the baby’s heartbeat.

Waiting for the Baby To Arrive

  1. Transfer to Regular OB Doctor: Approximately nine to ten weeks post-embryo transfer, your care will transition to your regular OB doctor.
  2. Regular OB Appointments: Attend routine prenatal check-ups to monitor the baby’s development and your health.
  3. Due Date: Welcome the long-anticipated arrival of the baby!

Surrogate Mother Qualifications

In order to become a surrogate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a U.S citizen or a U.S. permanent resident
  • Be a female between 21 – 38 years old
  • Have a good pregnancy history
    • Have had no more than two c-sections or 5 deliveries
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) under 30
  • Lead a healthy and stable lifestyle
    • Be a non-smoker and non-drug-user
    • Have good physical and mental health
    • Agree to psychological, drug and criminal screening

At Joy of Life® Surrogacy, we don’t just facilitate surrogacies — we foster lifelong connections, create families and celebrate the gift of life together.

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Surrogate Compensation

Surrogates with Joy of Life® receive anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000 in total compensation upon successfully completing the surrogacy journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the surrogacy process typically take?

The total duration of the surrogacy process can vary, but it generally takes about 12-18 months from the application process to the birth of the child. This includes time for matching, medical and psychological evaluations, legal contracts, the IVF cycle and pregnancy.

What kind of support will I receive as a surrogate mother with Joy of Life?

At Joy of Life®, we provide our surrogates with comprehensive support, including medical and psychological care, nutritional counseling and 24/7 assistance. Our surrogate mothers are assigned a case management team to ensure constant availability and support throughout the journey.

Can I become a surrogate if I’ve never been pregnant?

While we appreciate the desire to help, it’s essential for the safety of both the surrogate and the intended child that a surrogate mother has had at least one successful pregnancy. This helps to demonstrate that the surrogate’s body can handle the process safely.

Will I have to pay for any medical expenses related to the surrogacy?

No, all medical expenses related to surrogacy are covered. Joy of Life® works with the intended parents, insurance companies and medical providers to ensure all bills associated with the pregnancy are covered.

Am I allowed to continue working while I am a surrogate?

Yes, many surrogate mothers continue their usual employment throughout much of their surrogacy journey. However, certain aspects, such as medical appointments or the later stages of pregnancy, may require some time off. Joy of Life® provides a benefits package to cover wage loss due to these circumstances.

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Helping Families Nationwide

At Joy of Life®, we’re proud to serve as a bridge connecting caring surrogate mothers with hopeful families across the country. Based in Southern California, our reach extends from coast to coast, reflecting our mission to bring joy to families nationwide.

California, Oregon and Nevada form the heart of our operations, where we’ve helped create countless stories of joy and fulfillment. We work with surrogates throughout the U.S., as long as surrogacy is permitted by state laws where they reside.

We believe that everyone who dreams of becoming a parent should have that opportunity, no matter where they call home. By working with Joy of Life®, you’re joining a community that knows no borders — a community built on compassion, respect and a shared commitment to creating new lives. Together, we’re transforming dreams into reality, one family at a time.

At Joy of Life® Surrogacy, we don’t just facilitate surrogacies — we foster lifelong connections, create families and celebrate the gift of life together.

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