Become a Surrogate Mother

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Why Become a Surrogate Mother?

At Joy of Life, you will work with our professional coordinators 101 and they will support you along this amazing journey. Surrogate mothers will receive many perks as tokens of our appreciation of you. We host events to develop strong bonding within our growing Joy of Life community.

Professional Clinical Advisors

We have multiple employees who had worked at different clinics. We are very familiar with the surrogacy process, and we know all the possible questions that a surrogate mother might have. We will explain everything before the journey starts, and give professional advice along the way.

Available Nutritionist & Psychologist

Our licensed nutritionist and psychologist will give out useful advice based on each surrogacy journey.

Case Management Team

Each surrogate mother will not only get one case manager, but a management team. We cover each other to make sure we are always reachable.

Surrogate Mothers Choose Intended Parents

Instead of letting IPs to choose surrogate mothers, we actually ask our surrogate mothers to pick their favorite family from IPs' profiles. We try the best to help our surrogate mothers have ideal matches.

Competitive Compensation

We offer one of the highest benefit packages plus a lot of perks to help surrogate mothers emotionally and financially.

Career with Joy of Life

Not only can surrogate mother help one family, she can also join our team to assist hundreds families to achieve their goals.

Events that Build Strong Connections

We host events at least every month to help surrogate mothers build strong bonds in the Joy of Life community.

Surrogate Retreats

Once a year, Joy of Life will host a surrogate retreat. It will be either an internal care and share event or it could be a reunion between intended parents and their surrogate mother.

Here is a brief preview of the process

More questions? No worries, please contact us for more details 🙂


Step One – Preparation

  1.  Complete an online application
  2.  Interview with us
  3.  Review intended parents’ profiles
  4.  Meet with intended parents
  5.  Complete a Medical Screening
  6.  Complete a Psychological Evaluation
  7.  Contract review with your attorney
  8.  Contract signing/notarizing

Step Two: Transfer Cycle with IVF Clinic

  1.  Start building uterus lining
  2.  Embryo transfer
  3.  HCG test
  4.  Heartbeat ultrasound

Step Three: Waiting for The Baby to Arrive

  1.  Transfer to regular OB doctor (approximately nine to ten weeks after embryo transfer)
  2.  Regular OB appointment
  3.  Due date! 🙂

Surrogate Mother Qualifications

Be a U.S citizen or a U.S. permanent resident

Be a female between 21 – 38 years old

Have a good pregnancy history

Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) under 30

Lead a healthy and stable lifestyle

-Be a non-smoker and non drug-user
-Have good physical and mental health
-Have no more than two c-sections or 5 deliveries
-Agree to psychological, drug and criminal screening
-Live in the Surrogacy permitted states or proceed with caution states that we've listed out on map below.

We Care About You

Surrogates with Joy of Life can make up to $64,000, and help build a family. For more details about our benefit packages please call us at (909) 908-0772 or email us at

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We know you must have many questions about what it is like becoming a surrogate. No worries, we have all the answers for you. Please visit our FAQ page and you’ll find out everything you need to know becoming a Surrogate.


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