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Compensation and Benefits

Before starting a surrogacy journey, many women may wonder, “How much do surrogates make?” At Joy of Life, we provide our surrogate mothers with the best experience possible throughout each phase of their journey. Through our professional physical, emotional, and financial support, we make sure that our surrogate mothers have the top resources available as well as a fair and supportive surrogate mother pay rate. If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate mother, or finding a surrogate for your family planning process, our experienced professionals are standing by. We’re happy to answer questions you may have.

Base Compensation

Experienced CA Surrogate Base Compensation: $55,000
Experienced Non-CA Surrogate Base Compensation: $50,000
1st-time California Surrogate Base Compensation: $45,000
1st-time Non-California Surrogate Base Compensation: $40,000

Bonus Compensation

Up to $9,900 Bonus Compensation upon completion of the wonderful surrogacy journey.

Travel expenses

Our financial support for surrogate mothers extends beyond the compensation. We provide all-inclusive reimbursement for travel to ensure your transportation and stay are comfortable during pregnancy. Travel expenses covered include: mileage, meals, hotel, airfare, and more.

Inconvenience Reimbursement

We will pay for some of the inconvenience that might occur during the surrogacy journey such as wage loss, child care, and more. If the surrogate mother is not able to complete the journey, due to uncontrollable reasons, we will cover the invasive procedure and provide the compensation accordingly.

Other Benefits

We provide up to $250,000 Premium life insurance based on qualifications, as well as medical insurance, psychological support, 24/7 support, nutritional counseling and more.

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Steps to become a surrogate mother

If you’re interested in earning surrogate mother pay and becoming a surrogate yourself, you must complete Joy of Life’s three-step process:

1. Preparation – The preparation process involves completing the application and paperwork, along with interviewing with our team and meeting the intended parents. There will also be a medical screening and psychological evaluation to ensure we can safely proceed.

2. Transfer cycle – Complete the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process and, after a few months, check heartbeat with an ultrasound.

3. Wait for the baby – Check in with regular OB appointments and prepare for the due date!

How much surrogates earn can vary based on their background and process through the surrogate journey. Interested how much do surrogates make with your specific background? Contact us to speak with a surrogacy professional and learn more.

How much to surrogates make?

It takes time, commitment, and effort to become a surrogate. As such, how much surrogates earn depends on background, experience, and their ability to complete the surrogacy process. The base pay for a first-time out-of-state surrogate is around $40,000, with experienced California surrogate mother pay starts around $55,000. In addition to the base compensation, you can also get reimbursed for travel and other inconveniences, including wage loss, childcare, and more. You may also earn a bonus up to $9,900 for completing the wonderful surrogacy journey. In addition to the competitive compensation, Joy of Life also provides other benefits, including Premium life insurance, medical insurance, 24/7 support, nutritional counseling, and more. Want to become a surrogate? Contact our friendly surrogacy professionals to learn more.

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