Surrogacy for Gay Parenting

Here we help you fulfill your dream of becoming a parent

Surrogacy for Gay Parenting

Here we help you fulfill your dream of becoming a parent

One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is to hold your precious baby in your arm. Joy of Life® Surrogacy wants to bring this feeling to every family who dream of becoming parents. We believe everyone has the right to experience fatherhood, and we are dedicated to use our resource and knowledge to guide and help same-sex couples and LGBQT individuals fulfill this dream.

Why Joy of Life® Surrogacy?

Every year, Joy of Life® services a number of LGBTQ intended parents to build their families. We understand the needs and find the perfect match for those seeking support in the LGBTQ community. We celebrate every milestone with our intended parents to let them know they are not alone, and their baby/babies are surrounded by love. Helping people to build a family is our mission, passion, and purpose. We are always there and ready to help. If you get a question, we get an answer. By the end of the journey, we want every family to enjoy their Joy of Life® experience!


Egg/Sperm Donation

Joy of Life® works with an extensive network of cryobanks and donor agencies. We provide free access to our intended parents to hundreds of high-quality donor profiles. We collect our intended parents’ requirements and descriptions for their ideal donor, and then we assist them in searching for the best match at no cost. Talk to a personal consultant today to build your own family!

Legal Support

Joy of Life® has great connections with different attorney offices. We will introduce you to professional and reachable attorneys who are specialized in the surrogacy laws in your area. We will make sure our intended parents move forward with confidence and ready to build the dream.




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