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You’ve passed all the surrogacy requirements to help make another family’s dreams come true, but what happens next?

To become a surrogate mother with Joy of Life®, you will first need to pass a series of requirements. This takes into consideration your previous pregnancy history, your age, your physical and mental health, where you live, and if you agree to the psychological, drug, and criminal screening. 

The reason for all these requirements is that it offers security. As incredible as the surrogacy journey is, it can also have its challenges and we want to ensure that for all the parties involved, there are no emotional, physical and financial risks before moving forward with the process. 

If you have met all these surrogacy requirements, then here is what you can expect to happen. 

Find Your Match

The next exciting step is to find your intended parents who you will carry the baby for. Together with Joy of Life®, you will make a profile for intended parents to learn more about you before potentially meeting. 

This happens for the intended parents too, and you will receive profiles for potential matches. When both parties are happy to meet, then a meeting takes place, allowing you and the intended parents to connect and decide whether to move forward together. 

Legal Requirements

Once you have found the perfect match, your surrogacy journey will reach the legal requirements stage which secures the surrogacy relationship, making it official. We want the process to be as easy as possible for both parties, so you will each have an attorney representing both sides. 

In this process, your lawyer will explain all the legal requirements and your legal rights, along with the compensation agreement. The surrogate and the intended parents must agree on this before it can continue further. 

Embryo Transfer

Now it all becomes real! Once the legal contracts are in place, the transfer of the embryo begins at the IVF clinic. After a procedure, which retrieves the eggs from the intended mother, the eggs will then be fertilized before being transferred to the surrogate mother

When there is a healthy pregnancy confirmed, payments for compensation will begin for the surrogate mother. Throughout the pregnancy journey, the mother will be given prenatal care to ensure the pregnancy is as healthy as possible. For more information about the medical procedure, read our post here. 

Final Thoughts

Each stage is one step closer to bringing new life into the world to help a family, a fulfilling experience for both surrogate mothers and the intended parents. If you have more questions regarding the surrogacy process, chat with us here

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