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Did you know that pregnancy brain fog also known as momnesia affects up to 80% of women?

Yes, feeling forgetful and not being able to think clearly and focus are part and parcel of the pregnancy experience.

As strange as it sounds, there is actually scientific evidence to back up the claim that something happens to women’s brains when they are knocked up. Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof.

Is Pregnancy Brain Real?

Firstly, is pregnancy brain even real? Yes, yes, and yes. The phenomenon has been attributed to changing hormone levels and failure to get sufficient sleep.

A lot of women simply shrug this brain fog off as mere tiredness, but scientists are telling us a different story.

Studies by the Mayo Clinic demonstrated that the memory, cognitive and executive functioning of the pregnant test-subjects was poorer than that of their non-pregnant counterparts.

Researchers showed that there is indeed a temporary alteration that happens to pregnant women’s brains during the course of their pregnancy.

Well, now that we’ve established pregnancy brain as a real occurrence here are ways you can deal with this condition.

1.   Make Use of Lists

The best way to stay on top of your game and ensure that you don’t forget the things you need to do (like important doctor’s appointments!) is to write down everything.

Whether you’re the traditional paper-and-pen surrogate or the tech-savvy momma who prefers post-it-apps, the key is to use the power of lists as memory aids.

2.   Get as Much Rest as Possible

There is nothing quite like taking power naps during the day and getting in your 8 hours of sleep each night.

It might be extremely difficult to get uninterrupted sleep in one-go hence the need to create habits of rest and scheduling in afternoon nap times.

Not only is this great for your energy levels but it will help with the development of the baby as well.

3.    Stay Active During Pregnancy

Exercise is an excellent way to stay mentally sharp. However, only carry out exercises that you have been cleared to do by your doctor.

A healthy body means a smoother pregnancy, delivery, and lower chances of developing postpartum depression.

4.   Take Time To Relax

Pregnancy can be emotionally stressful! Find time to do something that you love at the end of each day. This might be a simple soak in the tub, reading a good book, or listening to some relaxing music. The important thing is to invest in self-care and just try to relax.

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