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Becoming a surrogate mother is an extraordinary opportunity that changes the lives of many. They bring new life and joy into the world, helping families who struggle to have children. 

Although it’s a long process with potential risks along the way and requires a change in lifestyle, the reward outweighs any cons when it comes to surrogacy. Read more about how to become a surrogate mother. 

Here at Joy of Life®, we offer compensation for our surrogate mothers, which you can learn about here. But for most surrogates, the financial reward is not what inspires them to give a family a truly amazing gift. 

We’ve summarized some of the reasons why being a surrogate is so much more than just compensation

It Can Give Your Life Meaning

Providing a baby for a family who cannot conceive is an exceptionally fulfilling process. This fulfillment can give your life meaning and a sense of purpose. Having a purpose in life strongly contributes to your overall happiness and wellbeing, and many surrogate mothers express that being a surrogate offers that to them. 

Helping a family gives you a connection for a lifetime, as there’s no doubt that the intended parents will forever be grateful for changing their lives, and in turn, they will change yours. 

Enjoyment of Being Pregnant Again

If you’re considering surrogacy, then it’s most likely that you enjoy being pregnant. Though it can have its challenges, pregnancy comes with the usual pleasures of feeling the baby kick and experiencing the pregnancy glow.

But it also brings unexpected joy, like being forced to slow down and savor the little moments that life offers. As your pregnancy progresses, doing things that are part of your every day may become a struggle, and slowing down will help you find balance in life. 

New Relationships and a Support Network

Being pregnant always brings new friendships. As a pregnant woman, you will garner these relationships with other mothers-to-be and those who are experiencing or have experienced pregnancy. But with surrogacy, you will also build a strong bond with the intended parents and Joy of Life®. 

This is a relationship like no other. With regular contact, the intended parents will be with you every step of the way. We will also be there to support, guide, and nurture the pregnancy for you and the intended parents. 

Final Thoughts

Surrogacy is an emotional and physical journey, but it brings so much happiness to you and the family you will be connected with. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a surrogate mother, have a look here.

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