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Are you thinking of starting a family? It’s no secret that having children can be emotionally taxing and expensive financially. This is why couples are waiting longer before they start planning to have children. The average woman having a baby for the first time is significantly much older today compared to the previous generation. Subsequently, the average age of first-time fathers is also much higher.

Average Age To Have a Baby in the U.S.

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What exactly is the average age of a father of a newborn baby in the United States? The overall mean age to have a child in the country is 26  years old. Men getting married for the first time are typically 29 years. This is according to the latest figures obtained in a 2016 survey. This is a sharp increase from 1968 when the average marrying age for men was 23 years. The trend matches that of women. The average age of women also tying the knot for the first time has gone up from 21 in 1968 to 27  years in 2016.

Average Age To Have a Baby Around the World


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A quick look at the average ages to have a first child around the world shows very interesting findings. In more developed countries, particularly in Europe, the average age to have a baby corresponds with those in the United States.

In Switzerland and Japan, one can expect a first child around 30  years old, in Greece and Denmark around 29 years. In the United Kingdom and Canada, the average ages are also quite late, around 28  and 28 years.

In sub-Saharan African countries such as Rwanda and Zimbabwe, the average ages are around 23 and 20 years. People in emerging Middle-Eastern and Asian countries such as Afghanistan and Bangladesh get married relatively young and this explains the seemingly young average age of the first child: 19  years and 18 years.

How the Cost of Giving Birth Can Change With Age


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Having a child in the U.S. is not cheap. A normal vaginal delivery costs $12,290. C-section deliveries are upwards of $16,907. If the woman has a complicated pregnancy, this can increase pregnancy costs. Additionally, it should be noted that fertility for women decreases as the woman gets older and this can augment the cost of giving birth. Pregnancies beyond 35 years are considered high risk.

However; it is not impossible to conceive past the age of 30, but a woman may need help. This is where in vitro fertilization comes into play. While IVF might be a solution, it doesn’t come cheap. One IVF cycle can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. At times a woman might need as many as three IVF cycles to fall pregnant. If an egg needs to be donated, this can inflate costs astronomically, by as much as $30,000. Add to this the fertility drugs, which range anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 per cycle. To get a full picture of the total costs involved, surrogacy agencies like Joy of Life® can be a great place to start.

Planning Financially for a First Child

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From the moment of conception until they leave the house at age 17 for college, expect to pay on average $233,610 per child. Before you start trying for a child, you must have a financial plan in place. Associated costs to factor: will you be trying to conceive naturally or opting for IVF? What is your delivery method – natural birth or C-section? Do you wish to give birth in a hospital, at home, or at a birthing center? High-risk pregnancies should opt for the hospital.

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