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Every pregnancy is different. This is especially true for first-time surrogate mothers. In the United States alone, over 17,000 surrogate births took place in 2019, and continues to rise. A surrogacy pregnancy is a unique experience, offering connection with a new family, compensation, and the fulfillment of bringing joy to a new family. 

From the emotional journey to physical changes, as with all pregnancy, growing a baby is a rollercoaster ride. Here at Joy of Life®, we want surrogate mothers to feel comfortable every step of the way, so here’s what you can expect during your first trimester.

Bonding With Baby Is Different

While surrogate mothers often bond with the baby, many express that the connection is different than with their own children, so during your first trimester, you might find that the bond isn’t what you expected. Most surrogate mothers have the intention of helping others rather than raising a child, which is an exciting experience.

There is also less stress with a surrogate pregnancy, as there is no need to prepare for motherhood. Instead, you will experience the joy of bringing new life to the intended parents while being able to rest and recover after the baby is delivered. 

Connecting With the Parents

During your own personal pregnancy, you may have a network of friends and family. In a surrogate pregnancy, this support network will stretch to the intended parents. Surrogates develop a connection with the parents as early as the first trimester. Though the relationship may have its challenges, ultimately they will be there to support you.  Communicating honestly and openly, creating a contact schedule and being flexible, are good ways to build a healthy relationship with the parents.

Increased Appetite

One of the noticeable changes in the first twelve weeks of your pregnancy is your appetite. There will be an increase in your hunger, which can happen when you least expect it.

A rainbow of foods will really help your body flourish and provide key nutrients for the baby. Leafy greens, an abundance of fruit and veg, healthy proteins and whole grains are all part of a healthy pregnancy diet and help satisfy that hunger.

Feeling Exhausted

Sleep is just as crucial as the food you eat. Due to changing hormones, you might notice how exhausted you feel. Not getting enough sleep can negatively impact the pregnancy and even your labor. Ensure you get longer hours of sleep and take naps if you need to. Joy of Life® has some tips on how to fight fatigue

Final Thoughts

While surrogate pregnancy has similarities to your own pregnancy, there are so many fulfilling bonuses that come with bringing life into the world to make someone else’s dreams come true. To find out more about different surrogacy, look here and find out how you can become a surrogate mother with Joy of Life®.

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