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The Ultimate Modern Family Story: A Same-Sex Couple Finally Gets Their Son Via IVF

Nowadays, many male same-sex couples in their 30s and 40s are keen on becoming parents. In one of the latest breakthroughs of the gay pride movement, more same-sex couples are now embracing gestational surrogacy to have a biological child.

A successful surrogacy story from a same-sex couple

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A couple from New Zealand is a successful example. The dubbed Baby Daddies Christian Newman, 34, and his husband Mark Edwards, 35, who have been together for 10 years, got their son Francis via IVF (In vitro fertilization), in June 2018 and could finally experience the joys of parenthood.

The idea of having a baby sprang into their mind five years ago. For years, they thought it would be impossible to have a child of their own, but their desire for a baby made them committed to giving it a try. It was hard, indeed. After being told that they cannot by law to adopt a child, Christian and Mark determined to turn to gestational surrogacy. They spent more than three emotional years trying to fulfill their dream.

The beginning of surrogacy: looking for a surrogate

In 2016, they launched “Baby Daddies Looking for Kiwi Surrogate” on social media to search for a surrogate. To their surprise, there were more than 30 candidates. “It was devastating, as we were so excited and surprised. So many people willing to carry our child,” said Christian. “We went through a few rounds of applicants to find a suitable surrogate and eventually we found one”. Aleisha Hart, a caring, generous paramedic. The couple was delighted with her.

As for the egg donor, Christian and Mark wanted someone who was close to their family. Therefore, they approached their sister-in-law Alisa Herrera Hayman, 26 years old. She eventually made the gracious decision to donate her eggs to help them.

Before they could really start the surrogacy journey, they had to understand the whole process by meeting with doctors, counselors, and lawyers, as well as signing all their paperwork.

The surrogate fell pregnant

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After one successful round of IVF, Aleisha fell pregnant. IVF is a procedure in which eggs are taken from a woman’s ovary and combined with sperm outside the body to form embryos. The embryos are nurtured in the laboratory for a few days and then placed in a woman’s uterus.

A new life was born

When their baby Francis was born, the couple felt all the efforts were worth it. Christian expressed his feelings when he said, “I was speechless, which doesn’t happen often. I just kept giggling a super-nervous laugh. Then I got a bit teary and choked up. It was a feeling I have never had before”.  In the future, the couple said they will focus on bringing up their baby.  For those same-sex couples who are keen to become parents, Christian said: “If you are truly ready to give everything you have to someone else, and you are prepared to sacrifice a lot to make it happen, then go for it.” “Everyone is entitled to their opinions. But you are entitled to have a family and you are entitled to be happy.”

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Joy of Life, as a professional surrogacy agency, works with ample resources to help intended parents and surrogate mothers overcome infertility. In the past two years, Joy of Life has helped a dozen other same-sex couples get their own babies. When you consult with Joy of Life, our specialists and doctors will provide other suggestions to help you have your new baby, such as IVF or surrogacy. Let Joy of Life bring the joy of new life to your family.

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