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Surrogacy comes in a variety of forms and its legality varies from state-to-state. Some states like California are better suited than others to enter into an assisted reproduction agreement. And some forms of surrogacy are more popular because they provide a biological link to the intended parents. In the beginning  it can be overwhelming to distinguish between the different types of surrogacy however, there is no need to worry because we’re here to simplify things.

What Are The Two Types Of Surrogacy

The two types of surrogacy which exist are traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. With the advancement of technology and in vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques, gestational surrogacy has become the preferred form of surrogacy because it provides intended parents with a chance of being related genetically to their baby.

Understanding Traditional Surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy involves the use of the surrogate’s own egg and the sperm of a donor or the intended father to create the embryo that will then be inserted into the surrogate’s womb surgically. Traditional surrogacy can be complex because of the genetic link the surrogate has with the baby. This can become problematic if the surrogate decides to contest parental rights. This type of surrogacy can be a good option for intended parents who don’t wish to use a donor egg and the surrogate is a friend or family member.

How Gestational Surrogacy Differs

Gestational surrogacy is the more common form of surrogacy and does not involve the surrogate’s eggs. The egg and sperm used to create the embryo either come from the intended parents or donors. Therefore the surrogate has no biological link to the child, which reduces feelings of attachment that may develop with traditional surrogacy.

Which Type Of Surrogacy Is Right For You

Now, between these two types of surrogacy which one is right for you? The truth is no one can make this decision for you. However, discussion with a surrogacy specialist such as the team at Joy of Life can help you figure out what may be better for you as a surrogate or intended parents. Factors that will affect this decision include:

–       The importance of a genetic link with your child

–       Whether you have already identified a potential surrogate or not

–       Associated costs and fees involved in the surrogacy process


Talk to a surrogacy agency in California

To get a better understanding of which surrogacy would be ideal for you, it’s a good idea to discuss your options in-depth with a surrogacy professional.  Our team here at Joy of Life is always happy to help. As one of the leading surrogacy agencies in Southern California we delight in helping surrogates and intended parents prepare for this life-changing journey. Contact us for more information.



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