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Are you thinking about becoming a surrogate mother?

Being a surrogate can be a rewarding experience in many ways. It certainly requires compassion and commitment to be a surrogate mother. However, there are a number of other factors, that need to be taken into consideration to meet the ideal qualities of a surrogate mother. The health of both the surrogate mother and baby during the progress of the surrogacy is of the highest concern, which means we look for individuals with a demonstrable history of responsible and healthy behavior.

The below qualifications are an accurate and thorough representation of the qualities that are taken into consideration when seeking the ideal surrogate mother.

Methodical & Orderly Women

Surrogate mothers will be required to attend regular visits to the doctor. So, if you have good time management skills, you’re an ideal candidate for surrogacy.

The ability to prioritize is also critical, as your pregnancy may take precedence over other priorities.

Candidates Who’ve Done Their Homework

Pregnancy can be a little mysterious, and even a little scary if you don’t know what to expect. It’s important that you are aware of the changes your body will undergo, and fully understand your responsibilities as a surrogate mother.

Good, Honest, Clear Communicators

As a surrogate mother, there is simply is no room for dishonesty and beating around the bush. You need to be able to clearly communicate any concerns, and ask questions when necessary, especially if you have been experiencing anxiety surrounding an issue.

Being honest and having open communication makes the entire process easier, whether you’re discussing a matter with your physician or building a relationship with the intended parents.

Women Who the Practice Good State of Health

You must not only by healthy prior to surrogacy, but need to maintain your health during the entire process. For obvious reasons, a woman must be in a state of good health, to avoid any potential complications during the pregnancy or delivery. .It’s important that you pay attention to your diet and lifestyle choices throughout the pregnancy.

Positive & Well-Supported Women

Enthusiasm can go a long way during your pregnancy. There are many physical and emotional issues that can arise during this process.

Surrounding yourself with positive people can make a big difference. Assuming you are well-supported and have people you can turn to, the journey will prove to be more rewarding and pleasant.

Women Who Want To Make a Contribution

While there is compensation for becoming a surrogate mother, it’s really so much more than that. Your willingness to help others and contribute to the welfare of another family can go a long way. Having a warm heart to help others makes you an ideal candidate for surrogacy.

Joy of Life Helps Surrogate Mothers

Joy of Life® is a professional surrogacy agency that supports surrogacy mothers, by always providing the warmest welcome and the most professional service from internally experienced coordinators. In addition, Joy of Life® provides many perks to encourage surrogate mothers our care and appreciation. Our goal is to reduce other risk factors for stress and complications, at every stage of the process, as much as we can. Get in touch with us to find out if you are the right fit for surrogacy.

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