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The surrogacy matching process is an intimate one and one both the surrogates and intended parents want to be prepared for. 

To prepare everyone, let’s look at the matching process and what surrogates and intended parents should know. 

The Choosing Time

Once a surrogate and intended parents decide to move ahead with surrogacy, and they both have gone through the screening process, it’s time to look for a match.

At Joy of Life®, we help match both the surrogate and intended parents. We look at the descriptions of what the surrogate is looking for in intended parents and what the intended parents are looking for in a surrogate. 

Once a match is made on both sides, then it’s time for everyone to meet. This initial meeting can be either an in-person meeting or a video call. 

The Initial Interview

It’s quite important that during the matching process the surrogate is paired with the right couple. For a successful match, it’s helpful if both parties share the same values and goals. 

In addition, intended parents and surrogates often spend time together during the nine months. This is why the matching process is so important. A good match makes things so much easier. 

A strong relationship between all parties begins in that first interview. If either party is uncomfortable, it’s important to discuss this with your surrogacy specialist. 

Don’t wait until the papers are signed before speaking up. 

The Match Meeting

Once both parties, the surrogate and the intended parents have decided on a match, a match meeting is held. This again can be in person or over a video chat.

During this meeting, a Joy of Life® surrogacy specialist will discuss the legal details and the surrogacy contract. Everyone will discuss expectations and finalize the agreement. Attorneys are generally helpful when negotiating and finalizing documents. 

Final Thoughts

Surrogacy is a beautiful experience where one person willingly lends a helping hand to the intended parents. The journey is so special that both parties want to be sure they have chosen the right fit. 

Take your time during the matching process. Keep an open line of communication with your Joy of Life® surrogacy specialist. Explain to her what you’re looking for, what you want to contact with your surrogate to look like (medical appointments, etc.), and how you will communicate with one another.

At Joy of Life®, we take the matching process very seriously. It is critical to the success of the surrogate and intended parents’ relationship. 

We want to help you find a match that shares a common values system, belief system, and surrogacy plan.

If you would like to learn more about surrogacy in California, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our consultants here at Joy of Life® Surrogacy.

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