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Becoming a surrogate mother is both physically and emotionally demanding. Carrying a child for an intended family will have its up and downs, but the emotional rollercoaster is completely natural and part of this beautiful experience. 

Having a support network around you can really help your surrogacy journey. At Joy of Life®, we’re with you every step of the way, so here’s some guidance on the emotions you may feel as a surrogate mother

Happiness and Excitement

One of the main reasons women want to be surrogate mothers is because of the joy and happiness they can bring to a family who are struggling to conceive or can’t have children. 

If you’re looking to be a surrogate mother, there’s no doubt that you’re compassionate and caring, and will find reward and fulfillment in helping another family. There is excitement in growing new life, reaching each milestone and welcoming the baby together. 


While joy is a prominent emotion as a surrogate mother, you may feel moments of anxiety. This is to be expected for any pregnancy, an overwhelming experience that is often unpredictable. This might include thinking about the birth, pain, medical procedures, or the pressure of carrying someone else’s child.

These feelings are completely normal and connecting with your support network and the intended family can help you through the difficult patches. 


Many women ask the valid question of whether they will become attached to the baby. Of course, every woman is different, but with the heightened emotions of hormones, surrogate mothers may experience sadness.

However, surrogate mothers report a different bond with their surrogate baby and their own children. One way to think about it is like babysitting, consciously aware that the baby will be given back to its loving family. In most cases, you will have a bond with the intended family that allows you to be involved in their lives, even after the pregnancy.

The best thing you can do is to speak to your loved ones, the support network at Joy of Life®, or even the intended family, if you feel comfortable doing so, to work through this emotion together.


A lot of surrogate mothers often report a sense of relief when they carry a child for someone else. Once the baby has been born, surrogates are not committed to raising a child, which, while beautiful, can have its disadvantages, such as financial strain. 

Being a surrogate also allows a full recovery after birth, concentrating on themselves rather than a newborn baby. 


Being in control of your own body and bringing new life into the world for someone else is empowering. As a woman, it’s a powerful experience being pregnant and giving birth, and surrogacy really is a journey like no other.


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