Not Sure Surrogacy Is Right For You? Ask These Questions

Becoming a surrogate mother is an incredible thing to experience. Bringing new life to a family who have always dreamed of having a baby is fulfilling and rewarding, but it can also be an emotional journey that needs serious consideration.

Surrogacy isn’t for everyone and has certain requirements. If you’re feeling unsure whether surrogacy is right for you, then here are some questions to help you decide. 

1. Are You Mentally and Emotionally Prepared?

The surrogacy journey comes with a rollercoaster of emotions. It requires commitment and responsibility and many surrogate mothers voice their concerns about whether they will, understandably, become attached to the baby. Having an awareness of what surrogacy can emotionally entail is essential. 

2. Are You Healthy Enough?

While the emotional side of surrogacy is important, so is your physical wellbeing. To become a surrogate mother, you must be in a good health and have delivered healthy pregnancies with at least one child. 

Consider how healthy your lifestyle is. Do you smoke, regularly drink alcohol or take drugs? A surrogate mother must be as healthy as possible to ensure the best chance of a safe pregnancy and delivery. 

3. Are You Happy to Have Extensive Background Checks?

Extensive background checks and psychological screenings need to be done before surrogacy. You need to be honest when you apply and make sure you are comfortable with people learning about your past. 

4. Do You Understand What’s Involved in the Process? 

How much do you know about surrogacy? There are a lot of stages involved in the surrogacy process, from the intense screening and matching with intended parents, to fertility treatment and the physical pregnancy and delivery itself. Make sure you understand the entire process before embarking on your surrogacy journey. 

5. Will You Receive Compensation? 

While money should not be the motivator behind surrogacy, Joy of Life® Surrogacy provides compensation for surrogate mothers. Depending on different factors, our surrogacy compensation is between $45,000 to $55,000. The exact compensation will be clarified in the contract. 

6. Why Do You Want to Be a Surrogate Mother? 

Perhaps the most important question of all is why you want to be a surrogate mother. What is your motivation behind it? Do you truly want to bring joy to a family? Do you understand that the intended parents have likely experienced a challenging road to get here? Being honest with your answers will help you determine what your reason for wanting to be a surrogate mother really is. 

Any More Questions?

If we didn’t answer one of your questions, get in touch with Joy of Life® today and find out whether surrogacy is right for you, or apply to become a surrogate today.

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