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More than ever before, couples in the LGBTQ+ community are exploring the surrogacy route to expand their families. More heterosexual couples are also expanding their families through surrogacy. During the course of a surrogate pregnancy, it’s natural for intended parents to want to give gifts to their gestational carriers or donors as a show of appreciation and friendship. However, this can be unfamiliar territory for many, and knowing when or what to gift your gestational carrier or donor might be difficult.

Gift-giving is an important culture that provides a fantastic means to express love, gratitude, and other positive emotions. When a couple decides to have a surrogate to carry their child, the gestational carrier becomes an important part of the family. At Joy of Life Surrogacy, we’ve seen amazing bonds blossom between gestational carriers and intended parents throughout the pregnancy, so we understand the desire to show gratitude and love to one another.

Throughout our years of offering surrogate services, we’ve seen intended parents give their gestational carriers and donors a range of meaningful gifts that have warmed our hearts. In this article, we’ve curated some of the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts you can give to a gestational carrier or donor. While we’ve curated this list based on gifts from intended parents, these gift ideas are also great for anyone else who wishes to gift a gestational carrier they know.

Thoughtful Gifts Ideas for Gestational Carriers and Donors

Custom Care Package

A specialized surrogate care package can go a long way to show your support and gratitude to your gestational carrier as intended parents. You can choose the components of the care package to include items to make your surrogate feel comfortable. You can also choose items based on what you know your surrogate likes.

A surrogate care package can include items like:

  • Chocolates
  • Warm socks
  • Comfy slippers
  • Personalized journal
  • Scented candles
  • Morning sickness herbal remedies
  • Personalized mug
  • Comfy clothing
  • Gift cards

Your care package can contain as many items as you want to include for your surrogate’s care. If you are having a baby shower without your gestational carrier present, you can also create an avenue for your guests to write heartfelt notes for your gestational carrier, which you can show them afterward.

Personalized Jewelry

A personalized piece of jewelry is a fantastic gift to give to a gestational carrier or donor. To ensure your gift is meaningful, put some thought into selecting or creating jewelry that’s symbolic of your journey together. A personalized watch, necklace, locket, or bracelet with a personal touch or detail provides your gestational carrier with a keepsake of your time together that will last a lifetime.


A photoshoot is a fun way to create happy memories with a gestational carrier. Besides the fun of capturing the moments, you and the gestational carrier will have pictures to cherish forever.


Flowers are a great gift for gestational carriers. You can send fresh flowers to your gestational carrier regularly to make them feel loved and appreciated throughout the pregnancy.

Experience Package

Instead of material gifts, you can gift your surrogate with experience packages. This could be any sort of experience you think your surrogate might like. For example, you can gift them tickets to a movie, sporting event, or concert, or you could even gift them a weekend away.

Spa Sessions

Treating your surrogate to a spa day is one fantastic way to make her feel comfortable. This is a great gift for any milestone during the surrogacy journey. Many intended parents choose to gift their surrogates spa sessions some time before and after delivery. They might also add other sessions like a mani-pedi or other self-care activities that can make the surrogate feel relaxed and taken care of.

Gifts for Their Family

If your gestational carrier has kids of her own, you must recognize that they are also very involved in the surrogacy journey. Consider buying meaningful children’s gifts like soft toys, books, and games.

After delivery, you can also choose to gift your surrogate a house cleaning service, cooked meals, or some other service to take extra work off their hands. Finally, you can get personalized cards for your surrogate or her family to show your gratitude to them.

Is Gift Giving Mandatory?

It is not mandatory for intended parents to present gifts to a gestational carrier or egg donor, nor is it expected or solicited. However, even though it is not mandatory, intended parents often enjoy treating their surrogate in special ways throughout their pregnancy journey.

The joy of a new child for many parents far outweighs the surrogacy cost and the costs of any gifts. Therefore, it’s normal for intended parents to appreciate their gestational carrier with a meaningful gift.

For many intended parents, their gestational carrier will give them one of the greatest gifts of their life in the form of a baby. So, reciprocating with a thoughtful gift is often a natural response for many. During the surrogacy journey, intended parents and gestational carriers might form deep bonds, and this often makes gift-giving second-nature.

Best Time to Gift a Gestational Carrier or Egg Donor

When it comes to choosing the right time to give gifts to your gestational carrier or known egg donor, there’s no set rule. It’s really up to you to decide the times you want to send gifts to your surrogate. In our many years of offering professional surrogacy services, we’ve seen many intending parents gift their surrogates at almost any point during the journey.

You can gift your surrogate at any important time during the surrogacy journey, like the embryo transfer day, to mark a new trimester, or even right after delivery. Spa sessions are great for any time before, during, or after the pregnancy, while cleaning or meal delivery services are most appreciated near the end of the pregnancy or after delivery.

For intended parents, the surrogate cost is nothing compared to the immense reward you get after your surrogacy journey. So, you can give gifts to your surrogate even after your child is born such as on special occasions like Mother’s Day if you and your surrogate have decided to maintain a relationship after delivery.

If your surrogate’s birthday or other important life event falls on a day during the surrogacy journey, you can also commemorate their special day with a gift. All in all, it is essential to have respectful boundaries and provide honest communication and support to your surrogate during and after the pregnancy.


Many couples who are unable to conceive a child on their own have now found a lifeline in surrogacy. At Joy of Life Surrogacy, we’ve seen the eyes and hearts of intended parents light up with joy and hope at the thought of having their children with the help of gestational carriers.

The feeling is unmatched, and it’s natural for intended parents to bond with their surrogates and give gifts to show appreciation. We hope you’ve found some gift ideas for gestational carriers and donors in this article. Our list is by no means exhaustive, and you can choose to get gifts that you think your surrogate needs or would love. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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