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Pregnancy can be a really taxing time for any woman. However, a loving man can make all the difference in the world. Men, if your wife is pregnant and you’re wondering how to take care of a pregnant wife, you’re in the right place.

1. Taking care of her physically

Your woman will need you by her side now more than ever. Here are three great ways to physically take care of her.

a) Go with her to doctor appointments

Your wife or girlfriend will need to go to the doctor on a regular basis all throughout her pregnancy. Your presence can show support. You can also help her up and down stairs as well as undress for the appointment and so forth.

b) Help her sleep

As the pregnancy progresses, your wife or girlfriend may have trouble getting to bed. Finding a comfortable sleeping position might also prove to be a challenge. Lack of sleep can cause irritability and mood swings; you’ll want to avoid that by making sure you help her with her sleeping arrangements. Consider purchasing appropriate pregnancy pillows and herbal teas.

c) Prepare food for her

Part of the husband’s responsibilities during pregnancy is ensuring that the wife or girlfriend is eating healthily. Take time to cook and prepare meals for her and the baby. Ensure that her meals are rich in proteins and vegetables. Her food should be sizable portions because she is eating for two. Cooking for her will make her feel cared for.

2. Taking care of her emotionally

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During your wife/girlfriend’s pregnancy, her emotions are in a raw and fragile state. She’ll need more

care and attention than before. Here are three ways you can assure her that you are doing everything capable to satisfy her needs:

a) Manage your emotions about the pregnancy announcement

The pregnancy announcement can be overwhelming. As much as it is for you, also remember that your wife or girlfriend needs your support. It is important for her to hear that you love her and will be with her every step of the way. Avoid showing displeasure or extreme shock at the pregnancy announcement.

b) Be patient with her mood swings

The surge of hormones and changes taking place internally can cause your woman to be on edge a lot. Take care of her emotionally by being patient when this happens. Understand that her irritation and mood swings are not about you but are just a phase that will pass.

c) Have compassion for her

Pregnancy brings with it a host of physical discomforts; from nerve pain, pelvic pain to backaches. When your wife or girlfriend mentions these to you, don’t be quick to dismiss her. Take her aside for a massage or back rub. Small gestures like these will go a long way in showing that you care for her.

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