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The surrogacy company, Joy of Life®, based in Southern California, hosted an “Introduction Event” for potential and current surrogates in Northern California on July 28, 2018. At this event, these loving and empowering women gathered and shared stories and experiences of the surrogacy journey with each other.

Also, the founder of Joy of Life®, Joy Xu, summarized the company’s recent developments. In the past half-year, Joy of Life® has helped more than fifty intended parents pair with our caring surrogate mothers to make these families’ dreams come true. About half of the surrogate mothers have already started their surrogacy journeys. The increasing number of surrogates and intended parents proves just how much effort and information Joy of Life®’s surrogacy program have put into the community and their devotion to helping families achieve their goals.

Joy of Life®’s surrogacy program started with a group of enthusiastic and passionate women, some of whom were previous surrogate mothers, as well as professional clinical advisors, nutritionists, psychologists, and case management teams who have years of experience. With everyone’s hard work, Joy of Life®’s surrogacy program has become well known in Southern California.

Also, Joy of Life® provided many other enjoyable activities on the event for the surrogates, including beauty activities and a group luncheon. One of the new surrogate mothers, Jennifer, said that it was her first time attending a Joy of Life® event and that the Joy of Life® team and the surrogates gave her the warmest welcome. Joy of Life® coordinators showed their support for Jennifer, providing her with professional knowledge as well as answering all of her questions and concerns before she began her own surrogacy journey.

In order to expand its influence and connect with surrogates, Joy of Life® also attended SEEDS, MHB, San Diego Kids Expo, internal surrogacy events, and numerous other events this year. Joy Xu said, “These events provide great opportunities to get to know our surrogates since we might not have the chance to become friends without anything like this. I don’t want to treat surrogacy as a business; instead, for me, our company is much more like a community. Surrogates can make friends here. Friendships can grow and become meaningful and life-long. At Joy of Life®, we believe that the beauty of surrogacy is to give the joy of life.”

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