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The surrogacy company, Joy of Life®, based in Southern California, achieved major successes in 2018 and helped many families make their dream of fertility come true. Joy of Life® took advantage of the growth of the industry to improve the company’s business, hoping to bring more high-quality services to both intended parents and surrogates.

The founder of Joy of Life®, Joy Millan, summarized the company’s developments. In 2018, Joy of Life® built a wonderful cooperative network with 15 to 20 professional IVF hospitals, and the service has now expanded nationwide. The company has also established an efficient pairing system, helping dozens of surrogates be paired with intended parents in the past half-year.

Along the way in Joy of Life®’s journey of growth and achievements, Joy Millan said she was gifted with a better understanding of the meaning and significance of surrogacy. Recently, Joy of Life® welcomed the newborns of two families. One is from the U.S, while the other one is from China. The company was able to help build a strong bond between diverse intended parents and surrogates, which made their journey of surrogacy full of blessing and love.

In addition to their professional services, Joy of Life® also attaches great importance to building their surrogate community. Joy of Life® treats every surrogate with sincerity and respect, striving to create a supportive and caring environment for them. The company offers comprehensive long-term care for every surrogate, while holding various events for them to communicate and connect with each other, with Joy of Life®, and even with intended parents. The inclusiveness and supportiveness within the community help every member appreciate the beauty of surrogacy even more.

Also, Joy Millan has planned two key goals for development in 2019. On the one hand, the company will better enhance the pairing system so that it can help more people start their surrogacy journey. On the other hand, they plan to keep building the surrogate community, hoping to bring more benefits and perks to better help surrogates emotionally and financially. For Joy Millan and her team, with their professionalism and passion for surrogacy, their plan for the new year is to continue giving the Joy of Life®, inspiring others and creating memories that last a lifetime.

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