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Becoming a surrogate can be an incredibly rewarding experience and is an amazing way to give someone else the gift of parenthood. Having a supportive network around you when making this life-changing decision is incredibly important. Consequently, it is essential to have sincere and honest discussions with your family and friends about your decision to become a surrogate.

Preparing for the Conversation

Before starting the conversation, it’s crucial to prepare emotionally, mentally, and knowledgeably. Have a plan in mind of what you’d like to talk about depending on where you are in the surrogacy process. Being aware of all the information will help you have a meaningful conversation with your family. Researching surrogacy agencies  California, such as the Joy of Life surrogacy clinic, can provide you with helpful information and answers.

Starting the Conversation

When approaching a conversation about becoming a surrogate with your family, choose a private and comfortable setting. Be open and honest about the decision you have made. Speak from the heart and be clear about why you want to become a surrogate and how it will benefit you and the people you are helping. Explain the process you have gone through and the surrogacy clinic you have chosen. Reassure them that you will take every precaution necessary for a successful surrogacy journey and that you are available for further conversations in the future.

Responding to Concerns

Your friends and family may respond in a variety of ways, some supportive and others opposed. They may have questions or concerns about surrogacy, such as the physical and emotional risks involved, or how you will handle giving up the baby.


If their response is negative, resist the urge to become defensive or argumentative. Instead, remember that they are probably just worried about you and your safety and that their concerns come from a place of love.


Listen to their concerns and provide them with accurate information about the surrogacy process and the support you will receive from surrogacy agencies in California, such as Joy of Life. Most importantly, let them know that you are making the decision to become a surrogate because you care deeply about helping an aspiring parent fulfill their dream. Acknowledge their support and thank them for understanding your intentions. The surrogacy process can be stressful, but having the full support of your family and friends can help make it a positive experience.

Finding Support

Surrogacy can be an emotionally challenging experience, and it’s important to have support. This support can come from loved ones, but also from professional surrogacy support groups. With their expertise and experience, they can provide you with the information and resources needed to make an informed decision. At Joy of Life surrogacy clinic, our professional advisors, psychologists, and nutritionists are there for you every step of the way. We are committed to making sure you have all the information and support needed for a successful surrogacy journey.

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