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At Joy of Life®, intended parents often ask us how long is a baby considered a newborn? There are several terms that are often used to describe children. These include infant, toddler, baby, and newborn. To help you prepare for your new life, we decided to put together a post about this terminology.

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How Long Is a Baby Considered a Newborn?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) definition, a newborn baby or neonate is one who is under 28 days old. Other definitions state that a newborn is an infant who is less than 2 months old. Taking a look at data provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), they classify an infant as a baby between 0 and 1 year of age. When babies are between the ages of 1 and 3 they can be referred to as toddlers. From 3 to 5 they are preschoolers.

How Long Are Babies in Newborn Clothes?

When buying clothes you may have asked yourself, ‘How long are babies in newborn clothes?’ With so many adorable newborn clothes on the market it can be difficult to make decisions on which outfits to buy and which to skip. It comes down to the weight if your baby weighs 8lbs or less they will probably outgrow their newborn clothes within a month. For this reason, it is preferable to purchase clothing within the 3-6 months range of sizes. If your baby weighed more than 8lbs at birth they will grow out of their newborn clothing within a few days.

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How Many Layers of Clothes Should a Newborn Wear?

For many first-time parents, the question, ‘How many layers of clothes should newborn wear?’ has probably crossed their minds a couple of times. Baby dressing etiquette can be difficult to get right at the beginning. Newborns cannot regulate their body temperature like adults, they are more sensitive to weather conditions so dressing right is very important.

If the weather is cold (less than 75°F / 23.88°C) your little one will require several layers. This may be one undershirt, diapers, pajamas, and finally a receiving blanket. If you’re going out add a sleep sack. If the weather is hot (i.e. above 75°C) your baby will do well with a single layer of clothing. If your baby is a pre-term they will need one extra layer in both hot and cold weather.

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