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Is it normal to experience cold feet during pregnancy? Why do some women develop cold feet during pregnancy and is this normal? Could there be other underlying issues?

These are just some of the questions that pregnant women ask themselves when they experience cold feet during pregnancy. There are numerous reasons for developing cold feet and it is most noticeable at the onset of the pregnancy. It’s often referred to as a ‘cold feet pregnancy symptom’.

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Cold Feet: Early Pregnancy Symptom

Are cold feet an early pregnancy symptom? Responding to this question, Dr. William Morrison, an orthopedic surgeon was quick to reassure pregnant women that it is perfectly normal for some women to develop cold feet during pregnancy. Dr. Morrison went on to elaborate that the root causes may include hormonal changes, changes to one’s basal metabolic rate, and ailments such as anemia.

Changing Hormones Cause Cold Feet Pregnancy Symptom

Pregnancy can cause your hormones to go into overdrive. For surrogates because of the elevated and additional hormonal treatment they may be on to stimulate or encourage the body to get ready, the hormonal changes may be extreme resulting in cold feet. Changes in hormone levels are linked to disruption to the autonomic nervous system. This in turn affects normal blood flow particularly towards the lower extremities leading to cold feet.

Morning Sickness Makes You Feel Cold

Morning sickness affects the majority of women particularly in the early stages of their pregnancy. Nausea and accompanying vomiting can induce a state of negative nitrogen balance which has the unpleasant effect of bringing about cold feet.

Cold Feet Pregnancy Symptom and Anemia

What is the relationship between cold feet pregnancy symptoms and anemia? Anemia is the condition whereby your body isn’t creating enough erythrocytes or red blood cells. This is problematic because erythrocytes are needed to transport oxygen to every part of your body. Failure to produce enough of these blood cells and you may suddenly find yourself with cold feet.

Anemia is a condition that affects at least 14% of pregnant women in the United States. The best way to avoid developing anemia is to up your iron intake by eating iron-rich foods such as red meat, pork, poultry, beans, iron-fortified cereals, bread, and pasta as well as dark green leafy veggies like spinach.

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