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Surrogate Motherhood – A Surrogate Mother’s Real Story

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While it is an incredible gift to enable people to become parents by helping them create a family, becoming a surrogate is a big decision. To anyone who has not had any direct experience with it, surrogacy can be a completely alien concept. Who are these amazing women? What motivates some women to carry a child for another family for nine months? We decided to dig a little deeper to understand what drives a surrogate to carry for another family.

“What is it like when becoming a surrogate mother?”

The answer is different for each woman. But for most surrogates, their responses have a lot to do with the joy they get from helping another family. Most women who pursue surrogacy enjoy being pregnant — they love the glow of pregnancy, all of the baby’s kicks and flutters, and the anticipation of the journey. In many ways, becoming a surrogate pregnancy will likely feel like any of her previous pregnancies, complete with many of the same ups and downs.

Of course, the personal emotions that every woman feels throughout her surrogate pregnancy are unique and varied. Most surrogates describe the overall experience as rewarding because they can help someone start a family.

“How are the feelings different between carrying your own baby and carrying a surrogate baby?”

There are many steps for surrogacy, and there are complex emotions as well. Some prospective surrogates are concerned about potentially bonding with the baby they carry, but most surrogate mothers report that they do not experience the same feelings of attachment as they did with their own baby. In fact, many surrogates say they feel more connected with the intended parents, and they cannot wait to watch the intended parents meet their baby for the first time.

“The child is special. I am proud that I had the ability and spirit to bring that beautiful life into the world. I felt the same way I did with my own kids, but without the bond that comes with raising and nurturing them. But I’m in touch with the parents and get to watch her grow up,” one surrogate at Joy of Life said.

“What are the loveliest results of surrogacy?”

Surrogacy is fulfilling, for both the parents as well as the surrogate. For the parents, the feeling is a sense of completeness from a new family member. For the surrogate, the feeling is one of pride from having provided the parents with a baby. “This journey changed my life in so many positive ways. Aside from the financial gain that we are experiencing, we have been able to positively educate people on surrogacy and teach our children the act of giving. Being able to help give something to someone is a wonderful feeling.”

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