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Moms-to-be have a lot to ponder during any gestational period. On top of that, piling on the complex social, medical, and financial obstacles involved in getting a surrogate mother can make it easy for the parents-to-be to feel engulfed by the whole surrogacy process. In turn, our intended parents may end up skipping the next important step in their journey: preparing for parenthood.

In conclusion, the tips compiled below from experts at Joy of Life® coupled with knowledgeable parents, will hopefully elevate your confidence and allow you to embrace your upcoming role in parenthood.

1. Soothing Your Wailing Newborn

Crying is in the nature of newborn babies. Deciphering a baby’s cries can feel like trying to unlock a secret language. When your baby cries, don’t get frustrated. Comforting your baby by patting his or her back in a heartbeat-like rhythm is a good way to help the baby relax and burp more quickly.

2. Getting Back To Work

To slowly transition back to work, you can rehearse your routine for getting dressed, feeding the baby,

and leaving the house on time. Once you actually get back to work, you can use the time you spend with your newborn by prepping quick meals or ordering takeout during the first few weeks. Or you can have your groceries delivered by a reputable seller.

3. Letting Baby Bond With Dad

Make sure your baby has enough bonding time with dad. Since dad’s tone of voice and touch differ from yours, this initiates the baby/daddy bond, thereby giving you a much-needed break. Furthermore, the baby learns to adapt to being around other people besides the mother.

While the first few times may be challenging, make sure the baby is well-fed and properly rested, allowing you at least 2 hours before your caregiving services are needed. It is during this period that you should let the dad have alone time with the baby.

4. Keeping the Baby’s Crib Layered

To help you be more efficient when it comes to changing the baby’s diaper at night, on the baby’s crib mattress, place a double layer of sheets and water-resistant mattress covers, one layer at a time. Then, you simply take off the first two layers, change the baby’s diaper, and then tuck him or her back in the crib without having to fumble for bedding in the middle of the night.

5. Coming Together for Greatness

At Joy of Life®, we take into consideration the laundry list of reservations that new moms and dads may have. Ultimately, our highly competent coordinators will walk with you on the journey toward parenthood and offer guidance along the way with our top-notch practices, such as the ones outlined above.

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