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By your third trimester, you may have noticed something even more important than your rapidly swelling belly. You may discover that it’s hard to sleep. There are lots of reasons: hormonal changes, sore hips and legs, back pain, but the result can be exhausting. At Joy of Life®, we want to take care of you while you take care of baby. 

Good Sleep Hygiene

Something that you can take with you after your pregnancy is learning good sleep hygiene. Don’t use your bed for anything other than sleep or sex. Avoid eating or watching stimulating shows in the hour or two before sleep.  Create a set of habits that helps your body know that it is time to sleep, such as writing in a journal, meditating, or praying. Pamper yourself with calming activities, such as bathing or washing your face right before bed. 

Change Position

Sleeping on your back can be hard in the third trimester. The weight of the baby can press against vital nerves and arteries, causing you to wake with sore or tingly legs. Sleeping on your stomach can be just as difficult. Many pregnant women become side sleepers as their belly grows. Many doctors feel that sleeping on your left side not only gives your back a chance to rest, but also helps your circulatory system.


Yes, those humble sacks of stuffing are a pregnant woman’s best friend. Crack open the linen closet and grab all the pillows you can. Try putting them under your belly or between your legs. Fluff pillows to support your head. Changing from a back or front to a side sleeper means that you will need more support for your neck. Hugging a pillow can also keep your shoulders and neck aligned for better sleep.


Many women struggle with restless leg syndrome or leg or foot cramps during the third trimester. Stretching can help rid your muscles of the acids that build up all day. Gentle stretching before bed can help to calm those muscles and give you a more relaxing night’s sleep. 

Comfortable Clothing

Pamper yourself with really comfortable pj’s. Wear only soft, breathable fabrics that help your body maintain a comfortable temperature. Make sure that your pajamas move with you, and don’t constrict your arms or legs.


Yes, good sleep is possible in the third trimester. At Joy of Life®, we want all your nights to be filled with comfort and sweet dreams.


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